Writing Prompt 20.5.2019

This is a writing prompt submitted by the now deleted reddit user u/AdyWasNotEnough


Every time I get a call that I have a job to do, I spend some time reminiscing of how I got here. Of how it all started. I used to be a K9 Officer. Me and my partner, we trusted each other with our lives.
That day was like any other Sunday, my partner at home with my husband while I was out on errands. I returned home excited to nuzzle with my work partner and my civilian partner in kind. I turned around the corner and saw the door wide open.My heart sank. Somehow I knew something had happened.
I dropped the groceries on the pavement and heard glass shattering behind me, as I dashed to action. The distance to my door seemed insurmountably far and every step felt like an eternity. Inside I found silence and two bodies on the floor. My husband and partner, covered in blood. I knelt beside them oblivious to the blood seeping into my white summer dress. I reached for a pulse, but a voice stopped me. I reached for my gun on instinct, but it wasn’t there. Gun and summer dress not something that blended together in my world.
I quickly realized who was calling for my, the voice was different yet the same. It was my partner, a dog who spoke. After this everything is a bit hazy. Most of my memories of the event are from the video I filmed at the behest of my dog. He made sure the evidence of his words were saved so that the culprit could be caught. My partner, a cop to the end.

Almost exactly a year later our neighbor was convicted for two counts of murder. It wasn’t an easy road as this was still the landmark case with the first animal witness. Tests were had and they ruled that most animals couldn’t lie. Thus animal witnesses were heralded as the greatest development in convictions since DNA tests.
Today everyone has a pet and many won’t enter a room without a pet or two with them. Overall the quality of life for all pets rose, but a few had to take the fall. It was found out that animals would only speak in the last 24 hours of their life.
A new job opportunity arose. It was more like a curse in my opinion. Today I got the call that there was an interview to be held. Another murder. I sighed and opened the locked door. I readied a dose to put down yet another healthy pet.

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Account was deleted just before I managed to submit


Overall I spent fifteen to twenty minutes writing the prompt and in the ballpark of 45 minutes when editing. I loved doing this and still think there is quite a lot of room for improvement. The ending is good and I loved the dual meaning of the sentence “Another Murder.”

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